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Save on energy

Calconditioner yields more than you would think!

Do you wish to save on energy? A great idea! Saving energy is smart. Not just for your wallet, but you are also helping the environment by being energy-efficient. Preventing energy waste by turning off the lights in a room you are no longer going to be in isn’t the only way to save energy. You can save a lot of energy by preventing limescale build-up in your appliances’ heating elements. By using a water softener you drastically lower the amount of energy used in your home or company. Did you know that a limescale build-up of just 2mm causes an extra 20% of energy usage? If you take a look at the amount appliances with heating elements in your house, you’ll understand the impact this can have on your energy bill. For the average family this could mean saving hundreds of euros a year on your energy costs.

Energy waste by water heating appliances

Do you own a washing machine, dishwasher, boiler, water heater, central heating boiler, or maybe a kettle you use often? Chances are that without a good descaler you’ll have a high energy consumption rate. The limescale that builds up on your appliances’ heating elements works as a layer of insulation. In turn the heating elements have reduced efficiency and the heating process will take more time. Because the process takes more time, the extra time taken becomes pure energy waste. Your costs will be significantly higher, and make no mistake; the numbers go up quickly. Shown in the table below is the efficiency loss by limscale in millimetres.

Limescale in mmEfficiency loss
0,44 %
0,87 %
1,611 %
3,218 %
4,827 %
6,438 %
9,648 %
1360 %
1674 %
1990 %

Calconditioner starts working immediately

Do you wish to really save on monthly or yearly energy bills? It would be wise to start using a water softener. In research done by the american Batelle institute commissioned by the Water Quality Research Foundation it turns out a water softeren can prevent energy waste of up to 50%. In the research was found that hardware from shower heads to dishwashers keep functioning like when they were newly manufactured when using a water softener. There are many other benefits to a water softener than just saving energy. Especially with Calconditioner, because it works a little differently from a normal descaler, which makes a big difference.

The many benifits of Calconditioner water softener

  • Removes existing and prevents new limescale
  • Save on energy bills
  • No downsides to your health or the environment
  • Extend the lifetime of your appliances
  • Prevent repairs
  • well functioning appliances
  • No more worries about limescale
  • No more dry skin after showering
  • Brighter and smoother laundry
  • A cleaner kitchen and bathroom
  • Use less detergent
  • Better waterflow in the shower

Calconditioner, not your average water softener

Calconditioner water softener is different from other water softeners. Where most water softeners remove limestone from your drinking water, Calconditioner changes the state of the limestone particles in your water pipes, by a natural and healthy process. By changing the state of the limestone particles, they no longer attach to your pipes or heating elements.
Which means you immediately save a lot of energy. Calconditioner does not just prevent new limescale, but also changes the state of existing limestone particles which in turn will detach. This makes it so that your appliances will start working like when they were newly manufactured. Furthermore our process, unlike other water softeners, ensures the healthy minerals like calcium and magnesium remain in your drinking water. Which is beneficial to your health.

Want to learn more?

Do you want to learn more about Calconditioner? Take a look at the many benefits or our frequently asked questions.

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