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How Calconditioner works

Are you curious for the exact way the Calconditioner works? We happily provide you some more information. To understand how Calconditioner works we first have to explain how limescale forms. Thus we first provide more information about this forming.

The Minerals in your water

There are many different minerals in your pipe’s water. The higher the amount of minerals is, the harder your water is. The collective term of the minerals is often limestone, but technically it’s a combination of minerals. Hard water contains a lot of limestone in the form of CalciumHydrogenCarbonate (Ca(HCO3)2). This CalciumHydrogenCarbonate is composed of calcium (Ca2+), dissolved CarbonDioxide(CO2), HydrogenCarbonate (HCO3–) and Carbonate(CO32–). When the minerals heat up higher than 55 degrees celcius they form a solid structure: CaIciumCarbonate(CaCO3) and AluminiumOxide(AI2O3). This taking a solid form happens mainly because the carbondioxide flowing away and calciumsalts crystallising. This phenomenon is called the “Van der Waals Force”.

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The build-up of limescale

The larger part of the formed CalciumCarbonate drains away with the water, but a part always remains. The remaining part leads to a layer of limescale in your appliances and specifically on the heating elements. The insulating effect of the limescale prevents heat transfer in your appliances. This means it needs more power to generate heat. This also means your energy bill rises the more limescale you have. The layer that is left behind gets taken care of by Calconditioner.

How exactly does limescale form?

The forming of limescale can be compared by how magnets work. Magnets with opposite poles attract eachother and repel eachother with similar poles. Your pipes and limestone particles have a different electromagnetic charge. This causes them to attract to eachother and the particles build up on your pipes: limescale.

For a chemical explanation of Limescale check out this wikipedia page

The technical way Calconditioner works

Calconditioner cancels the difference in the charge of the limestone particles and your water pipes. So the limestone particles no longer attach to your pipes or heating elements and flow away normally. Existing limescale disintegrates into a fine powder which flows away with the water. What technically happens is: the signal to cancel the charge difference is sent by the Calconditioner through the two induction cables onto the water. So the limestone particles seize to attach to the pipes. When the water exits the pipes the limestone particles also no longer attach to other surfaces. This way your shower doors, floor, counter and sink are also no longer affected by limescale. If you still see remains because of quick evaporation, these are easily removable with a cloth or a sponge.

How do I install the Calconditioner?

The Calconditioner is placed on top of the pipes so not inside or in between. The signal sent by the induction cables to cancel the difference in the electromagnetic charge reaches the inside of your pipes through radio waves. This happens by the so called “Wave Technique”. Calconditioner uses a multi-wave technique to alter the water at every flow speed. This technique developed by Mr Koster was tested in 1988 in an easy way by TNO, by showing how laundry stays whiter through the use of a Calconditioner.

This report can by found here.

American research

According to research by the Water Quality Research Foundation the efficiency of gas- or electric boilers can be reduced by 48% as a result of hard water. The research also showed that boilers working with softened water kept their original performance. Showerheads could lose 75% of their force in just a year and a half. With descaled water this problem was not present. Water heaters and central heating systems had the same outcome. According to the research some appliances got clogged completely by limescale in just a year and a half. Rings and crusts on sanitary facilities, clogged showerheads, stained shower doors, caked water boilers and clogged coffee machines were solved by using a water softener.


Calconditioner is the perfect way to soften your water and retain maximum performance and energy efficiency in your appliances. Calconditioner recoups itself fast: install it once and leave it to work. The prevention of limescale starts immediately, removal of existing limescale happens bit by bit, until eventually everything’s clean. Calconditioner does not require maintenance, just a little bit of power. Usage is about one to three euros a year. The savings on your energy bill can run into hundreds of euros a year since your appliances work at their maximum performance.

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