No more limescale problems

Use CalConditioner and your lime scale problems are history

entfernen von Kalkablagerungen No more lime scaleproblems.
The traditional battle against lime scale is history. You can now defeat lime scale by using the CalConditioner®.
It is friendly to our environment and friendly to your wallet.
Using a CalConditioner® is a unique and simple way to prevent scale deposit in kettles, hot-water boilers, central heating systems and other hot-water appliances.

Avoid expensive repairs and high energy costs

entfernen von Kalkablagerungen The calconditioner is a simple, durable and inexpensive method to remove all lime - and indirectly related problems - both at home and in industry. The calconditioner is easy to assemble within 1 minute.
The main advantage in using the calconditioner water softeners is energy saving. Did you know that only 2 mm calcification on a heating element already provides 20% additional energy consumption?

Only advantages

  • Prevents scale everywhere in the house
  • Leads to substantial reduction of repairs
  • Leads to substantial cost reduction on energy
  • Is free of maintenance
  • Deliverable in different capacities
  • Leaves the minerals in the water
  • Is not build in between the pipes, quickly operational
  • Is easy to install without tools (on both copper as plastic pipes)
  • Has no direct contact with water, therefore no pollution
  • Utmost suitable for several industrial applications
  • 3 year warranty
  • Free delivery within Europe

Your precious devices such as your washing machine, dishwasher, kettle, coffeemaker and other hot water devices not only last much longer, they also consume less power up to 20% because the limescale disappears. The Calconditioner pays itself by saving energy and by preventing costly repairs. Order your Calconditioner now.