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Stop Limescale

Calconditioner water softerer, no magnet, no salt, no maintenance 

If you are looking for a water softener that is not only effective but also healthy, the electronic water softener from Calconditioner offers the ideal solution.

Calconditioner: the effective solution against lime deposits! Unlike other descalers, Calconditioner uses an advanced electronic method to prevent and remove lime scale in water pipes and appliances. This keeps your appliances like new and significantly reduces the nuisance of cleaning tasks. In addition, this has a positive effect on your health, and you will immediately notice an improvement in your energy bill. Installing the Calconditioner is a breeze and takes only five minutes. You can easily do it yourself and immediately benefit from the advantages

✅ One-time purchase
✅ Easy to install by yourself
✅ No maintenance
Energy saving
✅ One device for the entire house
✅ Removes existing lime deposits
✅ Prevents new lime deposits
✅ Positive for health
✅ No impact on the environment
✅ Retains healthy minerals
✅ Clean appliances and pipes

With the Calconditioner water softener, you can enjoy soft water everywhere and the many associated benefits! Soft water is not only pleasant for your skin and hair, but it also ensures that your laundry wears less in the washing machine and becomes radiantly white again. However, the biggest advantage of soft water is that you will no longer have problems with lime deposits in pipes and appliances. This prevents annoying repairs and blockages and also saves energy. And you’ll notice that directly on your energy bill! With the Calconditioner water softener, lime deposits are a thing of the past, and you always enjoy the best water quality.

Why people choose Calconditioner:

✅ Radiators and boilers consume less energy
✅ Surfaces are easier to clean
✅ Coffee machines run smoothly
✅ The Quooker no longer breaks down
✅ Appliances have a longer lifespan
✅ Skin becomes soft and smooth
✅ You need less detergent
✅ Shower head does not clog and stays clean
✅ Hair is easier to style
✅ Tiles and shower walls shine again
✅ Works preventively against Legionella growth
✅ Irons and kettles stay clean
✅ Natural stone remains beautiful

The difference from other water softeners

  • Most of the inexpensive water softeners that are offered are based on solid magnets. Their effectiveness has never been proven.
  • Limescale removal with an ion exchanger is expensive and also poses health risks. There is direct contact with the water, which brings the risk of bacteria. An ion exchanger converts calcium ions into sodium ions. Sodium (=salt) is dangerous for people with high blood pressure, heart failure, or kidney failure.
  • Our Calconditioner is the only water softener that also dissolves existing (old) lime deposits in pipes and appliances. This saves you a significant amount of energy. Moreover, the Calconditioner water softener poses no health risks.

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