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Easy to install without tools

Calconditioner is easy to install without needing tools. Every package contains all parts necessary to correctly install the Calconditioner. There is no need for any tools, prior knowledge or skills.

Watch the video to see how easy it is

Where do I install the Calconditioner?

Calconditioner is installed on your pipes. The best place to install the device is on the supply line, before or directly after the water meter. This way all the water running through your house gets treated. Calconditioner is installed on top of the pipe and not in between. So you don’t have to interrupt the pipes and don’t have to shut down the water beforehand. Place the Calconditioner high enough where water doesn’t reach, in case of a flooded basement. Calconditioner can be placed horizontally, vertically and/or partially around a corner.

Installing the Calconditioner

Stick the tie mounts underneath the Calconditioner, and – if possible – connect these to the pipe with the supplied cable ties. Carefully wrap the induction cables (the cables to the left and right of the Calconditioner), ensure they are well connected around the water pipe and make sure they don’t overlap. The direction you are rotating in is not important. Secure the ends of the induction cables with the supplied cable ties.

What do I do if the Calconditioner does not fit on the water pipe?

That’s not a problem. If placing the Calconditioner device on the water pipes is not an option you can choose to wrap the induction cables around the pipes. Then you can attach the Calconditioner to a wall, or even leave it hanging from the wrapped cables.

The images below show all permitted ways of installation. Basically you need about 2 x 7 cm for the coils. Around the corner, wrapped over a coupling, or wrapping 1 cable vertically and the other horizontally, It’s all permitted and almost always fits.

Connecting the Calconditioner

Insert the connecting cord in to the left side of the Calconditioner and put the adapter in an outlet. If the light on the front goes on the Calconditioner is working.

Have some more questions? Read or download the manual in English, German, Dutch and French.

Is Calconditioner suitable for all types of pipes?

Calconditioner is suitable for almost every sort of pipe (copper, plastic, alimunium, and iron). We do not recommend to attach Calconditioner to lead pipes. This can cause lead poisoning. Lead pipes were placed in buildings built before 1945. This means they contain a lot of limescale. When using a Calconditioner the limescale detaches. Unfortunately pieces of lead will also detach. Which ofcourse is bad to your health, but furthermore creates the possibility of leaks in your pipes.

I’m moving. Can I take the Calconditioner with me?

If you move you can easily remove the device like when you installed it. In your new home you can ofcourse install it just as easily.

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