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Frequently asked questions about Calconditioner

Where does the lime go?

Calconditioner doesn’t remove lime particles from the water but gives them a temporary charge to make them “harmless.” This clever technology prevents these particles from adhering to surfaces or sticking together. As a result, it effectively prevents lime deposits while preserving essential and healthy minerals like calcium and magnesium.

Is there scientific prove of how Calconditioner works?

Yes, there is scientific prove of how Calconditioner works. A lot of research was done when the first physical anti-limescale devices came to market. Nobody could believe that limescale was this easy to fight, including official agencies. After extensive testing the results were in: “Physical limescale removal works, though we are not entirely sure how”. Soon after scientists wrote papers to explain how it works. A fracture of the literature can be found here.

Is the use of Calconditioner deemed safe for my health and the environment?

Yes, very safe actually. Calconditioner changes the state of the limestone particles in your water pipes, which causes the limestone to keep flowing instead of attaching to your pipes and heating elements. The way the particle state changes is a natural process and is as such healthy for you and friendly to the environment
Calconditioner removes and prevents limescale but also ensures healthy minerals will remain in your pipes, which have direct influence on your health. A lack of calcium and magnesium can be detrimental to your well-being.

How can Calconditioner be so much less expensive than other brands?

Calconditioner costs only € 159,00, while the prices of other brands can be up to € 1.800,00. The price difference is because Calconditioner’s way of removing limescale is far more straightforward and does not require any maintenance. The buyer can also easily install the device themselves. Other brands use a different technique that is far more expensive: filtering the water.

How does Calconditioner differ from expensive devices?

Limscale can be fought multiple ways. All limestone can filtered from the water or the limestone can be altered so it does not have to be filtered. Calconditioner does the latter. Filtering water is far more expensive, not only the initial purchase but the installation and maintenance as well. Filtering can sometimes be more desirable. For example to prevent certain skin conditions, or because it’s necessary for production.

Is a water softener friendly to the environment?

Yes, a water softener is friendly to the environment. A Calconditioner water softener uses only a very small amount of electricity. Which saves you a lot of power and gas usage on your appliances. Which is friendly to both your wallet and the environment. By using a water softener you will have to use up to thirty percent less soap products. Soap is a lot more efficient in soft water. The most important arguement is that you won’t have to use any more descaling products. These are very harmful to the environment.

The pH values have remained the same. Doesn’t that mean the water is still hard?

Calconditioner does not remove limestone from your pipes like a filtering system would, but causes the limestone to no longer stick to the sides or to themselves. Which in turn keeps your appliances and pipes clean on the inside, which also lowers the power consumption. Limestone will keep flowing through your pipes, so when measuring you will not see a decrease in pH values.

Is using water softeners safe for my health?

Yes, Calconditioner is healthier than every other water softener. Calconditioner doesn’t remove limestone and minerals from your pipes, but ensures they will not attach to your pipes and appliances. The composition of your water remains the same. Other devices do completely remove limestone from your water. Drinking water which lacks important minerals can cause a deficiency of those minerals. This is bad for your health. There are also devices for sale which use resin and salt. These devices change calcium ions to natrium ions. This is bad for people that have a kidney condition, heart failure or high blood pressure.

Can Calconditioner be used on plastic pipes?

Yes, Calconditioner can be used on all kinds of pipes(copper, plastic, aluminum and steel). We advice against using Calconditioner on older buildings with lead pipes. In lead pipes limescale actually prevents lead poisoning. Limescale prevents the dissolving of lead in water. Using lead pipes in buildings was banned in:
Belgium in 1970 – Germany in 1973 – United Kingdom in 1970 – France in 1995 – The Netherlands in 1960
For countries not listed here please inform yourself of the composition of your pipes before purchasing Calconditioner

How is it my coffee tastes better with Calconditioner?

Calconditioner removes the limescale on the heating elements of your coffee maker. Because the elements are clean they perform better and your coffee gets hotter. Your coffee will start tasting like you would be using a new coffee maker.

Why is there still limescale in my kettle?

This only happens if you let water sit in your kettle. Calconditioner prevents the attaching of the limestone by changing the state of the limestone particles in your water pipes. Calconditioner’s effect starts after 70 hours of working on your pipes. If you let water sit in your kettle the effect will start to wear off and the limestone will start attaching to the heating elements. Regardless you will notice it is a lot easier to remove the limescale than before, a simple scrubbing will be sufficient. The same goes for your other appliances.

Shortly after installing Calconditioner my faucet was clogged, how is this possible?

Calconditioner doesn’t just prevent new limescale in your pipes and appliances, existing limescale will come loose as well. The existing limescale often turns into a fine powder which flows down the drain with the water. If there is a lot of existing limescale that comes loose this may cause clumps which are too large to fit through your faucet. This is easy to solve by detaching and cleaning the filter of your faucet(as shown on the image). After that your pipes will be clean and this resolves by itself.