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Tap water, healthy?

Tap water – healthy or unhealthy?

Do you ever wonder if drinking tap water is healthy? We happily provide you with more information about the differences of hard and soft water from the tap and mineral water. In most of Europe tap water is of excellent quality and there is no harm in drinking it. There are areas that are exceptions to this, consult your water company if you have any doubts. Hard water is per definition not worse for your health, like mineral water isn’t necessarily better. Hard water contains more Calcium and other minerals than soft water. These are not bad for your health, but they are bad for your appliances and heating elements. Because it causes limescale and a higher energy bill people wish to neutralize the limestone in their water pipes. But in fact tap water with (limestone)minerals are healthier than filtered water.

Descaling – bad for your health?

Water containing all minerals is healthier than filtered water. People who drink filtered water can get a deficiency of certain minerals. For example a deficiency of magnesium can cause osteoporosis and diabetes. A deficiency of other minerals can cause cardiovascular disease. A descaler often removes healthy minerals from your water pipes. An ion exchanger turns calcium-ions into natrium-ions. Natrium is dangerous to people with high blood pressure and can cause kidney failure. That’s why removing limescale from your water pipes with an ion exchanger has health riscs. Calconditioner leaves the healthy minerals be and still descales your appliances and water pipes.

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Calconditioner – a healthy water softener

How healthy your tap water is depends on the method you use to descale your water. A shortage of minerals is bad for your health. Even though we ingest a lot of minerals through eating, minerals from drinking water are still essential to our health. Completely filtering water is a bad idea, especially sinc there are less and less minerals in our food nowadays. A water softener by Calconditioner does not filter your water, it changes the state of the limestone particles, which causes it to flow with the water instead of sticking to your pipes and appliances. A water softener by Calconditioner does not change the composition of the water. By using a Calconditioner your water remains healthy. Changing the electromagnetic charge is a natural process and as such it’s good for your health and the environment.

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Is the limestone in your water healthy?

As previously discussed we know having limestone in your water is good for your health. Unfortunately it still causes limescale in your pipes and appliances. Which is why Calconditioner is so successful. It leaves the healthy minerals in your water intact and causes the limestone not to attach to anything to prevent limescale. The actual name for the limestone in your tap water is Calcium Hydrogen Carbonate. Naming it limestone is actually incorrect.

What is better, tap water or mineral water?

In for example The Netherlands and Belgium the tap water is of high quality. Their tap water is excellent drinking water. In fact the quality demands they have on their tap water are higher than the quality demands on mineral water. Companies like to make you believe that bottled water is far more healthy than tap water. The reason for this is ofcourse the profit made on bottled water, which is about 200 times more expensive than tap water. They make good money selling mineral water. For the same price of a 1 litre bottle you could fill up 200 bottles at home by tap. In mineral water there are often more minerals than you need. This can cause diarrhea(unless you have a mineral deficiency).

Calconditioner water softener

Calconditioner does not remove limestone and other minerals from your water but causes it to no longer attach to your pipes and appliances. There are also filtering systems for sale that filter limestone and minerals from your water. Check out this page for more information about filtering systems. Even though there might be a good reason to use these filtering systems (some skin conditions might benefit) it’s better for your health to not filter your tap water.

Want to learn more?

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