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Boiling water tap

No faucet without Calconditioner

A great invention, the boiling water tap is a “must-have” in the modern kitchen. Ideal for instantly using boiling water. But whether you have a Quooker, Howat, Selsiuz, or Grohe, they all become defective due to limescale buildup. And that makes sense because what you see in the kettle as limescale buildup also occurs inside the boiling water tap and in your boiler.

What to do?

The only solution is to prevent limescale buildup. And preferably without altering the composition of the water. And that’s precisely what our Calconditioner does. A particular advantage of our method is that existing limescale buildup in pipes and appliances gradually disappears. So, it’s never too late to start. Over time, the hot water tap will work as good as new, and you can enjoy this luxurious addition to the kitchen for many years to come.

Prevent limescale buildup in your faucet.

If you only want to protect the faucet, a Calconditioner CC750 placed just before the faucet is sufficient. If you want to eliminate limescale buildup from the entire house, including the faucet and all other appliances, then the Calconditioner CC1500 is the solution. This one is installed on the main pipeline.

The Calconditioner is easy to install by yourself without tools. No pipes are interrupted, and the device does not come into contact with the water! The Calconditioner is an electronic device (not a magnet!). A nearby power outlet is necessary.

Calconditioner prevents the faucet from breaking down. As long as there is still hot water coming from the tap, Calconditioner can restore the faucet by making it limescale-free again. If your faucet is already defective, then you’re too late. In that case, please contact the manufacturer’s service department as we can no longer assist.