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Skin complaints

Skin complaints from hard water

Do you suffer from skin complaints like a dry or irritated skin, or even worse, psoriasis or eczema? Chances are this is partly caused by hard water. Ofcourse skin complaints are often genetically determined. But your environment also plays its part, like the composition of your water. Hard water can be a direct cause of itchy and dry skin. Especially when using both water and soap. With limescale in your water pipes your cleaning agent starts foaming a lot slower which creates a tendency to use more. This has a negative effect to the moistness of your skin.

Skin complaints from water and soap

Skin conditions become worse when they get in direct contact with hard water, especially if you also use soap or other cleaning agents. Water and soap cleanse your skin, but also removes naturally existing skin oils. Your skin loses its natural protective barrier and this causes dehydration of your skin. Often soap residue remains, even after rinsing properly. The probabilty of your skin becoming itchy or dry is higher if you wash more frequently. By using Calconditioner you can instantly soften your water. So you won’t have to use as much soap and get instant relieve on your symptoms.

Skin complaints from your workplace

Using a lot of water to wash your hands at your workplace increases the risk of dry skin. Nurses, doctors, cleaners, cooks, mechanics all have a lot of direct contact with water, soap and cleaning agents. This means their natural skin oils are often lacking. If this happens on a daily basis you’ll understand the probability of their skin being dry or irritated. Which worsen the symptons and make it harder from them to practice their job well. Water will be soft when using Calconditioner and you won’t need as much soap. Which means the symptoms will improve rapidly.

Washing your hands frequently, disastrous to your skin

Water and soap cleanse your skin, but also removes naturally existing skin oils. Your skin loses its natural protective barrier and this causes dehydration of your skin. People who frequently wash their hands make a common mistake: By washing with water and soap the skin becomes clean, but also more dry instead of moist. People with itching or dry hands have a tendency to rinse their hands with cold water to relieve the itch. Unfortunately this is only effective temporarily; after drying your hands they will be even more dehydrated than before and the itch returns, sometimes even worse.

Hard or soft water, it really makes a difference

In some areas the water is hard, in other areas a bit softer. Most people notice this when going on vacation. For example in Scandinavia the water is noticably softer than most countries. With hard water you need a lot more soap for it to start foaming, twice as much is often used when washing your hair, body, or clothes. This causes soap residue to remain on your skin and your laundry. This residue dehydrates your skin and worsens skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

Scientific proof

Until now the SWET-Trial in England is the only one to research the connection between water hardness and eczema. It showed a noticable result on children. There was only a small group of test subjects. Eczema is a collective term of skin conditions, which made it harder to find more specific results. More research is needed to find more clear results. Even though scientists are still trying to improve research on the connection between hard water and skin conditions, there are many succes stories when making the switch to soft water. Because of those stories we can reassure you that for many people soft water results in improvement of skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and a dry skin.

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