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Tips removing limescale

Tips removing limescale

Do you suffer from limescale from hard water? With Calconditioner you prevent new buildup and remove existing limescale in your pipes and appliances. With this you will rid yourself from all complaints you can find written below. Want to learn more? Check out our residential house page for more information and to make the right choice.

Don’t own a Calconditioner yet but wish to do something about that nasty limescale? We can provide you with some excellent tips.

Be aware:

Read the instruction manual before carrying out the provided tips to make sure your product is suitable for the job (for example in cases of scratching the object’s surface). After all it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Limescale removal showerhead
Wish to remove the limescale on your showerhead? The best course of action would be to open up your shower head and leaving it to soak in a container filled with cleaning vinegar for 24 hours. Are you unable to open up your showerhead? Fill a plastic bag with cleaning vinegar and wrap it around your showerhead and secure it with a rubber band, so your showerhead is immersed in the liquid. The same 24 hour time frame applies.

Limescale removal glass shower enclosure
Wish to remove the limescale on your glass shower enclosure? Dampen a cloth with cleaning vinegar and rub it into your glass shower enclosure. When the vinegar is dried up your shower enclose will look as if new. Is the frame made of chrome? Rinse if after and dry it off. If the limescale has been present for an extended period of time and remains persistant, try using HG professional limescale remover. Make sure to use gloves!

Limescale removal bathroom tiles
Wish to remove the limescale on your bathroom tiles? Pour a cup of fabric softener in a half full bucket of water and use this to wipe your tiles. Does the limescale have persistent yellow or orange spots? Make a paste of salt and vinegar and leave this to soak into the spots for half an hour. If this does not give the desired result, try using W5 Antical. Leave this to soak and rinse after.

Limescale removal toilet
Wish to remove the limescale on your toilet? This is easily removed by throwing in a Steradent tablet(denture cleaner) or a dishwasher tablet at night. Flush the toilet in the morning and the limescale is gone. Make sure the toilet isn’t used in the meanwhile(children)! Flushing with coca cola is said to work as well.

Limescale removal smoothing iron
Wish to remove the limescale on your smoothing iron? Chances are limescale will cause it to stop working soon. To prevent this you can fill the smoothing iron with a solution of half water half vinegar. Let the iron heat up and use the steam function to free the holes of limescale. Repeat this process until the holes are fully clean and rinse it a few times to remove any leftover vinegar. Empty out the iron after use.

Limescale removal kettle
Wish to remove the limescale from your kettle’s heating element? Let it boil some water with a bit of vinegar added to it to get rid of the limescale. If there’s a large amount of limescale, repeat the process until the heating elements and kettle are clean. Make sure to rinse well to remove any left over vinegar. Empty out the kettle after use and never boil more water than needed.

Limescale removal chemical toilet
A chemical toilet is often only used for a short period of time. A good reason to make sure it’s put away clean for the next holiday. The brown film that sometimes floats on the water are loose pieces of limescale, discoloured by stool that attaches to it. Limescale in a chemical toilet is cleaned the same way as you would clean the one at home. Make sure the toilet isn’t used in the meanwhile.

Limescale removal natural stone
Wish to remove limescale on the natural stone in your bathroom or kitchen? Never use vinegar, in many cases natural stone contains limestone and you don’t want that to dissolve. Are you unsure if your natural stone contains limestone? You can test this by putting a drop of vinegar on a (preferably not visible) part of your natural stone. If it starts foaming, you have limestone in your natural stone. The best way to remove limescale on natural stone containing limestone is by using HG natural stone cement & lime film remover. It doesn’t contain acids and thus removes the limescale safely. Using a Calconditioner is ofcourse the best solution for preventing limescale. Because every time you clean there’s a possibilty you’ll damage your natural stone.

Calconditioner always works

Would you rather never see limescale again and buy a Calconditioner? A smart move, by doing this you get rid of both existing limescale and prevent new build ups. The same applies here: Better safe than sorry.

Want to learn more?

Do you want to learn more about Calconditioner? Take a look at the many benefits or our frequently asked questions. Our water softeners are purchasable on this website.