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Calconditioner immediately removes limescale

Wish to finally get rid of limescale and are looking for an excellent water softener for in your home? With a Calconditioner water softener you take care of all your hard water troubles at the same time. By the unique way of working the healthy calcium minerals remain in your water and your water still softens. This means you’ll no longer have any troubles from limescale and all it’s consequences. Like how a water softener is a great way to save energy.

How does Calconditioner work?

With Calconditioner the healthy calcium minerals do not get removed from your water, but they get a difference charge. This makes them no longer attach to their surroundings and that means the limescale in your pipes and on your shower, kitchen sink and faucets will be gone for good. Calconditioner is easy to install by yourself taking only a few minutes. All materials needed to install are included, there is no need for tools. More information about how Calconditioner works can be found here.

The benefits of Calconditioner water softener in your home

Calconditioner doesn’t just prevent limescale, but also removes existing limescale in your pipes and appliances. Therefor your water pipes are clean and your appliances will have a longer lifespan. In addition Calconditioner lets you enjoy wonderful soft water and this is great for your skin, hair and laundry. The power consumption of Calconditioner is negligible. You do prevent higher energy usage, repairs and clogging.
With Calconditioner you save up to 30% on power, up to 50% on detergent and cleaning supplies and up to 70% on repairs.

The many downsides of limescale

Limescale in your pipes, appliances, counter, shower doors, sinks, and faucets is not a sight to behold. But did you know hard water can have other consequences? Limescale is a breeding area for bacteria. A rather disgusting idea for your bathroom or kitchen, but it gets worse: if you haven’t used your water pipes for some time Legionella starts to form. Limescale also lowers the lifespan of your appliances and ups the power consumption.

Why Calconditioner works better than other water softeners

Most water softeners completely remove limestone from your water or turn calcium into natrium. This is not always the right solution. When calcium is removed from the water other healthy minerals also get removed and this could have consequences to your health. Without calcium in your water soap residue becomes harder to rinse off because they normally attach to calcium. This results in soap residue staying behind on your skin, sink or shower and no longer flush drown the drain. Water softeners like ion-exchangers which turn calcium into natrium can be detrimental to your health, especially when your blood pressure is high or have kidney failure. Water full of natrium is also bad for your house and garden plants, if you have those.

Want to learn more?

Do you want to learn more about Calconditioner? Take a look at the many benefits or our frequently asked questions. Our water softeners are purchasable on this website.