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Calconditioner is a home water softening solution.

Calconditioner prevents limescale buildup

No magnet, no salt, no maintenance

Calconditioner water softener is a unique, simple, and affordable method to permanently eliminate limescale. This has benefits for your health and your wallet. Calconditioner offers devices for homes and industry.

Introductory video from Calconditioner water softener on removing limescale

A unique water softener

Our water softeners are different from other water softeners. The limescale that makes your water hard is not removed, but instead receives a different electromagnetic charge. This prevents the limescale from sticking to your pipes, while retaining the healthy calcium and magnesium minerals in your drinking water. Existing limescale in your pipes, washing machine, or boiler will also be eliminated with Calconditioner. This results in clean pipes and equipment, healthy and soft drinking water, and significant energy savings. Calconditioner is easy to install yourself.

The benefits of Calconditioner water softener

  • One-time purchase
  • Easy to install by yourself
  • No maintenance
  • Energy saving
  • One device for the entire house
  • Removes existing lime deposits
  • Prevents new lime deposits
  • Positive for health
  • No impact on the environment
  • Retains healthy minerals
  • Clean appliances and pipes

The benefits of soft water

Soft water has only advantages. It is good for your skin, hair, and laundry. But most importantly, soft water means you no longer have limescale buildup in your pipes and appliances, preventing repairs, clogs, and high energy consumption. With the Calconditioner water softener, you save a lot of energy, directly impacting your energy bill.

Why is limescale so bad?

  • Surfaces with limescale are less hygienic to clean.
  • Faucets remain smooth to operate.
  • Limescale in pipes that are unused for a while can cause Legionella growth.
  • With limescale in your boiler or water heater, you consume much more energy.
  • The lifespan of your appliances is significantly shortened by limescale.
  • Due to limescale, you need more detergent to get your laundry clean.
  • Your showerhead lets through much less water.
  • Your bathroom tiles and shower screen get stained.
  • Your iron and kettle no longer function properly.
  • Your natural stone countertop cannot be cleaned because it also contains limescale.

The difference from other water softeners

  • Most water softeners remove limescale from your drinking water, so you no longer have buildup in your pipes. However, removing limescale also eliminates all the healthy minerals from your water. With Calconditioner, the calcium and magnesium in your water are retained, which directly benefits your health. A lack of magnesium and calcium can have significant consequences, but you don’t have to worry about that with Calconditioner.
  • Removing limescale with an ion exchanger also poses health risks. An ion exchanger converts calcium ions into sodium ions. Sodium is dangerous for people with high blood pressure and kidney failure.
  • A carbon-based water softener is mainly intended for contaminated drinking water. It removes all healthy minerals from your water and does not eliminate existing limescale buildup.

Take a look at our Premium Water Softener Solutions for residential homes or industry.

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