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Water softener CC2500


Water softener for apartment complexes, businesses, restaurants

2500 liter/hour
4 watts
15 x 7 x 5 cm
3 years
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No magnet, no salt, no maintenance.
Calconditioner water softener is the most healthy and environmentally friendly solution to limescale. Calconditioner keeps your water soft and ensures the richness of the calcium and magnesium minerals in your tap water. Existing limescale disappears and new limescale will be prevented. So you can enjoy the softness of your water, prevent damage by limescale, save energy and enjoy healthy and tasty tap water.

The Calconditioner works on copper, plastic, aluminum, and steel pipes and can be easily self-installed.

Suitable for plastic, copper, aluminum and steel pipes. The CC2500 softens 2500 liters of water an hour, that is 40 liter a minute. For example: a fully opened faucet has a flow rate of 10 liters a minute. Calconditioner uses 4 watts in electricity. Calconditioner is easy to install without the need for any tools, the package contains all the necessary parts. On top of all that you receive an excellent warrenty lasting 3 years.

How Calconditioner is healthier than other water softeners
Most water softeners remove limestone from your tap water. Which means you will no longer have any limescale in your pipes, but this means important minerals will also be removed. Calconditioner removes and prevents limescale but also ensures these minerals will remain in your pipes, which have direct influence on your health. A lack of calcium and magnesium can be detrimental to your well-being.

Are you looking for the most healthy and environmentally friendly solution to limescale? Then Calconditioner is what you are looking for. This device removes and prevents limescale without removing healthy minerals from your tap water. So you won’t have limescale damage to your appliances, save energy, and keep your water soft and healthy.

How does Calconditioner work
You can easily install Calconditioner without the need of tools. From that moment Calconditioner changes the state of the limestone particles in your water pipes, which causes the limestone to keep flowing instead of attaching to your pipes and heating elements. The way the particle state changes is a natural process and is as such healthy for you and friendly to the environment. Calconditioner does not only prevent limescale, it also removes existing limescale from your appliances. They will start to work as new and save energy.

Calconditioner’s many benefits
  ◦ limescale removal and prevention
  ◦ good for your health
  ◦ sustainable and environmentally friendly
  ◦ saving energy
  ◦ prevent repairs
  ◦ no more worries about limescale
  ◦ a cleaner kitchen and bathroom
  ◦ use less detergent
  ◦ smoother and clearer laundry
  ◦ better water flow in the shower
  ◦ no more dry skin after showering

Energy saving
As you know limestone attaches to the heating elements of your appliances. Your boiler, dishwasher, washing machine, kettle all have a layer of white limestone on the heating elements, which slows down the heating. This takes a lot more energy for them to work. Just a small 2 mm layer already causes an extra 20% energy usage. Depending on how thick this layer has become over time it can cause an extra 50% energy usage. Using Calconditioner removes the limescale and thus lowers the amount of energy used. This can save the average family up to hundreds of euros a year.

What’s so bad about limescale?
  ◦ It’s hard to remove by hand
  ◦ unremoved limescale attracts bacteria
  ◦ your appliances will have a shorter lifetime
  ◦ heating takes longer, so uses more energy

For England, Ireland, Malta, and Cyprus, a power adapter with the correct connection (type G) is automatically included.

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CC1500 1500 liter/hour Family homes
CC2500 2500 liter/hour Large homes, Food/Hotel services