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Water softener RC4000


Water softener for businesses, restaurants, sports locations, wellness and apartment complexes

50000 liter/hour
42 to 80 mm
18 watts
84 x 213 x 185mm
3 years
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Blocked pipes and spray openings, scale buildup on heating elements and cooling surfaces of air humidification systems are well-known issues that can lead to unplanned maintenance and downtime. Moreover, scale buildup has a negative impact on the heat transfer of heating elements and heat exchangers due to its insulating properties. Even a thin layer of just 2.5 millimeters of scale can result in an average efficiency loss of up to 25%. This not only affects your energy bill but can also significantly reduce the efficiency of your system. To prevent these problems and ensure optimal performance of your system, effective scale control is of great importance.

Scale and Legionella Prevention

An important aspect concerning water is the presence of the Legionella bacterium and the associated water temperature. Especially in stagnant lukewarm water between 25-40 degrees Celsius, this bacterium can multiply rapidly. However, at a temperature above 55 degrees Celsius, the Legionella bacterium dies, and this process is even faster at higher temperatures. Copper pipes naturally possess antibacterial properties, but these qualities are lost due to the formation of scale buildup. The Calconditioner does not kill the Legionella bacterium, but it does offer an environmentally friendly and convincingly effective preventive solution against biofilm formation and scale buildup.

How it works

The Calconditioner works based on the induction of modulated electromagnetic waves (EM) transmitted through short induction cables around the water pipe. The device itself does not come into contact with the water. The EM signals disperse into the water and physically influence the structure of the mineral salts present in the water. This process creates small powdered crystals that do not adhere to pipes and surfaces. This method is highly effective, and the chemical composition of the water remains virtually unchanged. It also gradually breaks down existing scale buildup.


The Calconditioner can be installed at any desired location on the water pipe. There is no need to shut down the installation, meaning there are no installation costs, no downtime, and a quick commissioning process. The installation does not require any special skills and can be easily performed internally.

The Result

With the Calconditioner, the flow in pipes and equipment improves. Blocked spray openings are a thing of the past, and there is significantly less scale buildup on vulnerable components such as heating elements, heat exchangers, cooling radiators of air handling systems, boilers, geysers, mixing taps, and more. This method is environmentally friendly as it does not involve the use of expensive and harmful descaling or regeneration agents.

Technical specifications:

50000 liter / hour
42 tot 80 mm
18 Watt / hour
213 mm
185 mm
84 mm


Calconditioner water softener type RC 4000 is intended for businesses, restaurants, sports locations, wellness and apartment complexes. The ABS enclosure (type IP65) allows for installation in dirty, humid and high temperature areas.

This water softener works optimally with water pipes that have a diameter of 42 mm up to 80 mm