Easy assembly

When unpacking your Calconditioner© you will find: 1 adapter, 5 cable straps and installation instructions.

Before you start

Check first what the water pipes are made of (copper, plastic, lead etc.). The CalConditioner® cannot be installed on lead plumbing. The CalConditioner® may then cause leakage when the lime scale dissolves. Also, it should not be installed within 50 cm of electronic taps (magnetic fields and valves) or steam boilers (industrial espresso machines and such), because the magnetic fields can interfere with the functioning of the CalConditioner®.

Where to install

he best location to install the CalConditioner® is on the water main before or after the flow meter or close to the boiler or geyser. Do not dismantle any existing plumbing. The CalConditioner® can be places on the existing plumbing, horizontally as well as vertically.

Installing the Calconditioner

The CalConditioner® can be installed onto the water main with the plastic cable straps supplied with the CalConditioner®. Carefully wind the induction cables closely around the pipe, without overlapping (clockwise or counter-clockwise doesn’t matter). Secure the ends with the plastic cable straps.
If fixing the CalConditioner® on the water main is not possible, just wind the cables around the pipe as described above.

Connecting the Calconditioner

Plug the connection cable in, on the left-hand side of the CalConditioner® and plug the adapter into a power socket. The red signal light will indicate if the CalConditioner® functions.