How it works

Particles with the same charge repel each other. Just like a magnet, where the opposite poles can attract one another, they also have the ability to repel each other.

Electrical charge

kalkaanslag verwijderen This also works for electrical charges. All kinds of particles suspended in the water (minerals such as calcium) have a charge.
Particles with a different charge have the ability to attract one other.
If you ensure that all the particles suspended in the water have the same charge , these particles will not stick together and no lime scale will be formed.

Now this is where the Calconditioner comes in.

ontkalken met multi-wave techniek The Calconditioner provides these particles a single low & temporary charge, which will have disappeared after approximately 70 hours. By which time all the water has already left your house.
The Calconditioner utilizes a multi-wave technique so no matter how fast the water flows, all the water will be treated.