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A unique water softener

The Number 1 water softener in Europe 

Looking for a water softener that really works? Calconditioner has the ideal solution. Calconditioner water softener is a unique and simple method to remove limescale from your appliances and pipes. This is not just good for your health, but your wallet as well.

Truly unique

Calconditioner water softener is different from other water softeners. The limestone in your water does not disappear, but the state of the limestone particles changes through electromagnetic waves. Limestone will no longer attach to your pipes and the healty calcium and magnesium minerals remain. Existing limescale in your pipes, washing machine, boiler and other appliances get removed by using Calconditioner.
So you can enjoy clean pipes and appliances, and healthy and soft drinking water.

The benefits of soft water

Soft water has benefits aplenty. It’s good for your skin, your hair and laundry. But most of all soft water means no more limescale in your pipes and appliances, this also prevents repairs, clogging, and high energy usage. With Calconditioner you save a lot of energy and this is noticeable on your energy bill.

The benefits of Calconditioner
  • Removes existing limescale
  • Prevents new limescale
  • No downsides to your health or the environment
  • Soft water with healthy minerals
  • Clean pipes and appliances
  • Energy saving
  • Prevent repairs